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Addicted to Cocaine?

Question by DEBUR: Addicted to Cocaine?
I have a few friends that I have known for awhile and they have started doing coke more and more often, my other friend and i are trying to think of ways that will stick in theor minds on why it is… Continue reading

Is There a Positive Correlation Between Acupuncture Treatments and Recovery of Cocaine Addicted Patients?

Question by Julie: Is there a positive correlation between acupuncture treatments and recovery of cocaine addicted patients?
Process of Science: Assume we have data indicating a strong positive correlation between acupuncture treatments and recovery of patients from, say, cocaine addiction. However, let’s also assume that every hypothesis we… Continue reading

The Anonymous People Movie Review

The Anonymous People Movie Review
(For example, also not cited by director Greg Williams, U.S. users of heroin and cocaine propel the Mexican drug market, which has already resulted in 60,000 murders by competing cartels south of our border.) Why are we willing to spend some $ 50,000 to …
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News of the Weird: March 13, 2014

News of the Weird: March 13, 2014
… dispensing 25-cent crack-cocaine pipes to discourage addicts from committing crimes to fund their habit), launched a program in August to supply alcoholics with beer-brewing and wine-making ingredients to discourage them from drinking rubbing …
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What Happens When You Drink Cocaine?

Question by anna_k_annie: what happens when you drink cocaine?
what would happen if a recovering cocaine addict drank a glass of water that had cocaine in it? I saw on TV, this lady put cocaine in a glass of water that belonged to an addict and was just… Continue reading

Mind Control: Alcohol, Drug Addiction Stew in the Brain

Mind control: Alcohol, drug addiction stew in the brain
"Every drug of abuse has its own receptors that it acts on," said addiction specialist Dr. Joseph Beck, head of the addiction program at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey. "What they all have in common is stimulation of the … Most… Continue reading

Am I Actually a Cocaine Addict?

Question by Miguel: Am I actually a cocaine addict?
I am a 19-year old guy, and I just started college a little while ago.

I have a chemistry class with someone who sells cocaine. I’ve been snorting in for the last couple of weeks, and I love the feelings it… Continue reading

Getting Help for Heroin Abuse

Getting Help for Heroin Abuse
(WGGB) – Alcohol, heroin and cocaine are the addictions seen most at Holyoke Medical Center. In Massachusetts heroin is not only easy to get, it's also cheap and deadly. ABC 40 found out what happens when an addict chooses a road to recovery. Detox.
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Oral Effects of Cocaine?

Question by yupnmywhttee: oral effects of cocaine?
I think my friend is using cocaine but i dont think he is snorting it… I think that he is testing it by rubbing it on his gums… can someone please tell me the effects of rubbing cocaine on your gums… Continue reading

I Am Dating a Guy Who Is a Cocaine Addict but Has Been Trying to Quit for About Six Months.?

Question by Laura: I am dating a guy who is a cocaine addict but has been trying to quit for about six months.?
He has been through two thirty days with me and then falls of the wagon. I adore him and don’t know what my help or… Continue reading