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BREAKING NEWS: Olympic Swimmer Geoff Huegill and His Wife Arrested ‘After Being Caught With Cocaine in Private Box at Randwick Races’

BREAKING NEWS: Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill and his wife arrested ‘after being caught with cocaine in private box at Randwick Races’
Star Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill and his wife Sara have been charged with drug possession after security guards at Randwick Racecourse allegedly noticed them snorting cocaine in a private… Continue reading

Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging

Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging
TUESDAY, April 24 (HealthDay News) — Chronic cocaine use may speed up brain aging, a new study suggests. British researchers scanned the brains of 60 people with cocaine dependence and 60 people with no history of substance abuse, and found that those …
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Alcoholism Is a Disease and It’s Not Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a Disease and It’s Not Alcohol Abuse — Information on the brain disease of alcoholism and why alcohol abuse is not alcoholism.

FDA approves user-friendly device to reverse opioid drug overdoses
It comes a week after Governor Deval Patrick declared a public health emergency to combat the growing… Continue reading

Cook Overcomes Family Struggles for NFL Opportunity

Cook overcomes family struggles for NFL opportunity
It begins with a 28-year-old single mother named Michelle Cook, an only child who grew up in a two-parent home and went to a private high school, but who spent more than a decade battling drug and alcohol addiction. It begins with a… Continue reading

Drug Addiction : How to Break a Hydrocodone Addiction

Drug Addiction : How to Break a Hydrocodone Addiction — Breaking a Hydrocodone addiction is one of the toughest addictions to break. Discover these tips for breaking a Hydrocodone addiction from a practicing psych…

STONE: Stimulant use has consequences
Since it is found in a variety of different foods, beverages,… Continue reading

Heroin Addiction, Need for Mental Health Services Often Intertwined

Heroin addiction, need for mental health services often intertwined
His fatal February overdose shined a light on shortcomings in long-term addiction plans. (Cory Shaffer, Northeast Ohio … View/Post Comments. CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland man who ingested a lethal dose of heroin and cocaine in February committed …
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What Are the Withdrawl Symptoms From Crack ?

Question by Angela B: what are the withdrawl symptoms from crack ?

Best answer:

Answer by Masta O
you have an unbelievable urge to make mouthbabies every hour and 4 mins, and your pubes grow rapidly, but instead of your natural color they’re red, firecrouch

Answer by Francis P
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Oxycodone: The Factors Behind Australians' Increasing Use of 'Hillbilly Heroin'

Oxycodone: The factors behind Australians' increasing use of 'hillbilly heroin'
… America, prescription opioid-dependent clients outnumber heroin-dependent clients among those presenting for methadone maintenance treatment. There are more deaths in the US attributed to the use of prescribed opioids than to heroin and cocaine use …
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What Kind of Pills Keeps You From Wanting to Drink?

Question by silltnwild: what kind of pills keeps you from wanting to drink?
especially too much?

Best answer:

Answer by Laura J
Your own head. It’s one big pill. Just say “no” or don’t drink at all.

Answer by vetech_61

Brain differences in college-aged occasional drug users
… users… Continue reading

Eating Healthy to Avoid Depression

Eating healthy to avoid depression
I believe these trends are symptoms of a dependent society at the mercy of conspiring men. Example: The dairy industry recently … Read "Sugar Blues," where you find sugar stimulates the same part of the brain as cocaine. This is more innocent than …
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