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How Do You Manage an Addiction to Something You Can’t Quit Entirely?

Question by Chris H: How do you manage an addiction to something you can’t quit entirely?
I stopped drinking, and smoking crack, and everything else, and its all dandy for 10+ years. But the internet–honest to god, the mental effect is somewhat similar to cocaine. However, I don’t think… Continue reading

How to End Your Crack Cocaine Addiction


How To End Your Crack Cocaine Addiction – Nutritional Orthomolecular approach to treating cocaine abuse. Hey, it’s Trish. We’ve had many questions about overcoming substance addiction without using methadone. To some, methadone is using a drug to treat a drug addiction, and some find it very addictive. There… Continue reading

My Boyfriend Is Clean From Cocaine Addiction for About a Year Now. He Does Meetings About Once a Week.?

Question by Laura: my boyfriend is clean from cocaine addiction for about a year now. He does meetings about once a week.?
I am really proud of him but I see that he is taking some sleeping pills like ambient or cold medicines like Nyquil.
At first… Continue reading

What R the Odds of Being Addicted to Heroin After One Use?

Question by chewers: what r the odds of being addicted to heroin after one use?
i have been wanting to try it just once forever. i have done cocaine and meth and crack and shrooms each about 2 or 3 times and do not crave those at all, so… Continue reading

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatments That Works – 1-855-885-8651


crack cocaine addiction treatments that works – 1-855-885-8651 – Do you or a friend Continually fight with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse Hinders the entire Family.


Phoenix Recovery Project for treatment of substance abuse in dire financial

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How Did You Overcome Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Billy: How did you overcome crack cocaine addiction?
Looking for any information on how to successfully recover from crack cocaine addiction.
Personal experiences, public statistics, treatment referrals, resources sites, information on medication…any input is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Mickey M
Started taking heroin instead and sniffing… Continue reading

If Nicotine Is as Addictive as They Say… Then Where Are All the Nicotine Patch and Gum Addicts?

Question by Frisky: If nicotine is as addictive as they say… Then where are all the nicotine patch and gum addicts?
I’ve been thinking about quitting smoking… Through my research into treatment options a few questions have come to mind. Especially with regards to nicotine replacement treatments.

I find… Continue reading

Crack Cocaine Addiction Hotline


Crack Cocaine Addiction Hotline – Here at Addiction Hot Line Today, you can expect truthful assessment of your personal situation, receive a professional assistance from our certified treatment advisers, and obtain a high quality treatment, that is individualized for your personal needs and concerns. For immediate help call… Continue reading

Los Angeles Cocaine | Opiate Addiction Treatment Center


Los Angeles Cocaine | Opiate Addiction Treatment Center – Thousand Oaks, CA drug rehab center RECOVERY ADVOCATES in Los Angeles, California offers holistic, medical, advanced treatment | detox for opiate and crack cocaine addiction in Ventura County – View Recovery Advocates Treatment Center at


Addictiveness of Cocaine: 7 Signs You Might Have an Addiction to Cocaine

Spotting a cocaine abuser or addict

Cocaine is not selective as it affects people from all walks of life regardless of their age, economic status, ethnicity, gender, and religion. Its popularity is derived from the quick high that a person attains when they inject or snort it. Unfortunately for the… Continue reading