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State Drug Policy Reflects Opposing Sides

State drug policy reflects opposing sides
Heroin use called 'epidemic' after actor's death · Fighting an epidemic of fatal overdoses Archives: Fighting an epidemic of overdoses · Audrey Albright; Maps; Palatine, IL, USA … In what is believed to be the first test of the law, an unemployed …
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Diagnostic Interview

Diagnostic Interview — Props to Shannon for keeping a straight face the entire time. Presenting with cocaine dependence (with physiological dependence); cocaine-induced psychotic d…

The Crime of Marijuana Smoking in Mexico
Among other negative symptoms, these institutions stress problems of memory loss, increased risk of psychosis if use begins at… Continue reading



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Yet Another Study Proves The War On Drugs Is Failing

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What Do You Think of My Article? HARMD More Harm Than Good?

Question by DynoDiKk: What do you think of my article? HARMD more harm than good?
Methadone and Harmd. Is Harmd doing more harm?
I am here to write my opinion on HARMD. This means; “Helping America Reduce Methadone Deaths”.
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Rehabs in Illinois | Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Illinois | Rehabs in Illinois


Rehabs in Illinois | Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Illinois | Rehabs in Illinois – http://rehabilitationcentersinillinois.net Rehabs in Illinois treats dependency to alcohol, marijuana, prescribed drugs, and more through detox, and Illinois…


Cory Monteith in rehab for substance addiction: Celebrities in rehab

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Marijuana vs. Tobacco Health Issues?

Question by Asdfasd F: Marijuana vs. Tobacco health issues?
This is for my wellness class and i need to make a poster about the side effects of both.

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