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How Does Cocaine Effect the Brain Chemically and Behaviorally?

Question by : how does cocaine effect the brain chemically and behaviorally?
for a project on biological psychology

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Answer by SuNriSe ^__^
If you do cocaine long enough, it causes anxiety and panic attacks.

Answer by Maddie101
When the dopamine levels return to normal, a diversity of psychological… Continue reading

Azerbaijan Comments on Situation on Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking in

Azerbaijan comments on situation on drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking in
The document notes that according to 2013 statistics, 20 percent of drug addicts in Russia is pupils, 60 percent – young people under the age of 30 and 20 percent – old people. In 2013, Russian law-enforcement… Continue reading

Pregnant Prisoners Are Losing Their Shackles

Pregnant prisoners are losing their shackles
Rivera, who's serving 2½ years for trafficking cocaine, says the restraints hurt her ability to progress with her labor because she could not relax. … Slowly, correctional facilities in Massachusetts and elsewhere have been examining other ways they …
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Pharmacists Are Often on the Front Line Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Pharmacists are often on the front line against prescription drug abuse
“And yet it was killing more Montanans every year than cocaine, heroin, meth and traffic deaths combined.” Bullock cited the case of a 24-year-old opiate addict who obtained prescriptions from 255 doctors in seven communities in an 832-mile circuit.… Continue reading

Debate Forum: 04/15

Debate Forum: 04/15
By contrast, cocaine is a less dangerous Schedule II, steroids are a Schedule III and cough syrup is a Schedule V. The administration still needs assistance from Congress to move forward, but potential interest in reform exists at that level. The DEA …
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Lightning’s Ryan Malone Arrested on DUI, Cocaine Charges – Tampabay.com

Lightning’s Ryan Malone arrested on DUI, cocaine charges – Tampabay.com

Lightning's Ryan Malone arrested on DUI, cocaine charges
Lightning left wing Ryan Malone was arrested early Saturday in Tampa and charged with driving under the influence and cocaine possession. Malone was released from Hillsborough County jail on $… Continue reading

Pot-Coloured Glasses

Pot-coloured glasses
A man in an emerald dress shirt held a green and white yes on 64 sign. He walked … According to a report by the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Colorado teens, by 2012, were 50% more likely to use marijuana than their peers in …
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JFK Passenger Had Cocaine-Filled Meat

JFK Passenger Had Cocaine-filled Meat
NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities say a man arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport attempted to bring in more than seven pounds of cocaine — hidden in frozen food. Customs and Border Protection stopped the man last month, after he had …
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Intervention S05-E05 Chad – Crack and Alcoholism 01/03

Intervention S05-E05 Chad – Crack and Alcoholism 01/03 — Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lone-Tiger/254718051656 After a troubled childhood that sent him to juvenile hall for felony arson, Chad’s father …

Drug-related death sparks action in Horse Lake
His mother Sarah, a former Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission employee, said that while… Continue reading

Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested for Cocaine and Firearms – the Urban Daily

Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested For Cocaine And Firearms – The Urban Daily

NBC 6 South Florida
Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested For Cocaine And Firearms
The Urban Daily
We don't know…what this world's gonna bring…but…uhh we digress! What in the name of mugshots is going on with this guy right now?… Continue reading