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Six Health Problems Marijuana Could Treat Better Than Traditional Medicine

Six health problems marijuana could treat better than traditional medicine
Twenty states have so far legalized the medical use of marijuana, and researchers are starting to look at how, exactly, patients can put those laws to the best use. There's a burgeoning field of … Sisley wants to study marijuana… Continue reading

Farmer Saved His Killer Twice: Murder-Suicide Victim Father Figure Who Stopped

Farmer saved his killer twice: Murder-suicide victim father figure who stopped
Coroner Suzanne Anderson was told Mr Murphy had a history of drug abuse and mental health problems. … Mr McKenna told the inquest he had heard a muffled gunshot noise a short time earlier but was not alarmed… Continue reading

Can Cocaine Use Raise Blood Pressure Permanently?

Question by buford blue: Can cocaine use raise blood pressure permanently?

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Answer by Brian
Long term cocaine effects are noticeable as cocaine abuse continues and tolerance builds. Since cocaine is a highly addictive drug, it can lead to major medical complications and health problems. Some of… Continue reading

Cocaine Effects on the Body (What Happens When Your High)?

Question by Brittany b: Cocaine effects on the body (what happens when your high)?
What does it do to the body when in use?

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Answer by angelbaby
Basically, cocaine overworks your body and brain. It sends the body into overdrive – boosting your heart rate, blood… Continue reading

Can Marijuana Cause Health Problems?

Question by Melissa S: Can marijuana cause health problems?

What kinds of health problems can breathing the smoke cause?

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Answer by Expat
It kills brain cells and inhibits short term memory. It also can cause emphysema.

yes yes yes!… Continue reading

Is Anyone Familiar With Ibogaine as a Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Question by salinger: Is anyone familiar with Ibogaine as a treatment for drug addiction?
My best friend is in a reputable drug rehab for a cocaine addiction and is wanting to leave to check herself into a rehab in Mexico that uses Ibogaine.

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Answer by G. B.
Yeah,… Continue reading

I Really Want to Know the True Effects of E, Ecstasy, Thizz, Peezys, Etc?

Question by Scott P: I really want to know the true effects of e, ecstasy, thizz, peezys, etc?
seriously i have heard so many different rumors about how it affects your body, brain, etc and i want to know the real truth not some stupid rumor so can… Continue reading

Dead Harlem Dad Had Coke in His System, Son Being Held

Dead Harlem dad had coke in his system, son being held
A 61-year-old man who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment over the weekend had cocaine in his system and a variety of health problems, police sources said. Clarke Meyers Sr., of Harlem, also had bruising and dried blood… Continue reading

What Are the Long Term Effects of Using Cocaine?

Question by Sweet Cherry Pie: What are the long term effects of using cocaine?

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Answer by kovk1008
imprisonment, loss of all elastic in your butthole, not being sure of your sexuality.

Answer by terry c
your brain will be fried,hair loss,rotting of teeth,may go blind and sex drive… Continue reading

Symptoms of Drug Use(crystal Meth/tik)?

Question by Lily: symptoms of drug use(crystal meth/tik)?
Does anyone know the symtoms for people that use crystal-meth/tik. Like how do you know if they use it. and please for heroine also. thanks

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Answer by Scarlet Cyanide
The most disturbing sign of meth addiction is the classic meth-user… Continue reading