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Van Wert Man Leaves WORTH Center for Prison

Van Wert man leaves WORTH Center for prison
VAN WERT — A man who was sent for rehabilitation at the WORTH Center in Lima after pleading guilty to a weapons charge was sent to prison for violating the terms of his probation. Dale Wright, Jr., 22, Van Wert, was originally… Continue reading

Can 'Drug Rooms' Tackle Addiction?

Can 'drug rooms' tackle addiction?
COPENHAGEN: The gangly father of three speaks five languages and talks effortlessly about international politics. What he can't do is kick his cocaine and heroin habit. But now when he shoots up, Kais Neni goes to a supervised , state-funded drug …
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Duo Smuggled Drugs Into Prison in Spines of Books

Duo smuggled drugs into prison in spines of books
Wayne Ernest Johnston, 39, and David Dunbar, 22, were caught after £16,500 of heroin and £1000 of cocaine was sneaked into the jail. Johnston was found guilty in the supply of heroin and cocaine and sentenced to two years and six… Continue reading

Wes Bentley Interview: My Mission of Recovery After Nearly a Decade Lost to Drugs

Wes Bentley interview: My mission of recovery after nearly a decade lost to drugs
Two years later, he made the period drama The Four Feathers with Heath Ledger, by which point he was in the grip of a damaging heroin and cocaine habit – formed to “escape expectations”, he says.… Continue reading

Drug Overdose Immunity Law

Drug overdose immunity law — So far this month, at least four people in St. Joseph County have died from opiate drug overdoses. We’re talking things like heroin and cocaine. As WSBT’s Ke…

Dealers find big profits in heroin
A sergeant was inside the office presenting a four page search… Continue reading

Heroin Addiction, Need for Mental Health Services Often Intertwined

Heroin addiction, need for mental health services often intertwined
His fatal February overdose shined a light on shortcomings in long-term addiction plans. (Cory Shaffer, Northeast Ohio … View/Post Comments. CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland man who ingested a lethal dose of heroin and cocaine in February committed …
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What Are the Withdrawl Symptoms From Crack ?

Question by Angela B: what are the withdrawl symptoms from crack ?

Best answer:

Answer by Masta O
you have an unbelievable urge to make mouthbabies every hour and 4 mins, and your pubes grow rapidly, but instead of your natural color they’re red, firecrouch

Answer by Francis P
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Oxycodone: The Factors Behind Australians' Increasing Use of 'Hillbilly Heroin'

Oxycodone: The factors behind Australians' increasing use of 'hillbilly heroin'
… America, prescription opioid-dependent clients outnumber heroin-dependent clients among those presenting for methadone maintenance treatment. There are more deaths in the US attributed to the use of prescribed opioids than to heroin and cocaine use …
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What Are Some Side Effects and Symptoms of Hepatitis C? – With Dr. Angela Noto

What are some side effects and symptoms of Hepatitis C? – with Dr. Angela Noto — Dr. Angela Noto explains some of the side effects and symptoms of Hepatitis C.

Supreme Court sides with AZ patient whose marijuana was taken by police
This federal government listing declares that the drug… Continue reading

Eight Benefits of a Luxury Addiction Rehab

Eight Benefits of a Luxury Addiction Rehab — http://www.hawaiiislandrecovery.com Call 866-515-5032 Many people feel that a luxury addiction rehab is out of their grasp. Many luxury facilities provide sc…

Poll Finds Most Americans Support Legal Pot and Oppose Treating Drug Users
Respondents also expressed reservations about criminalizing the use… Continue reading