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Your Drug Addiction Is Costing Poor People Their Lives

Your Drug Addiction Is Costing Poor People Their Lives
It's Martin Falls, an isolated reserve in Northern Ontario, where up to 80 per cent of the adults are addicted to oxycontin, and the community is currently struggling to fund its treatment programs that has successfully cut drug-related arrests from …… Continue reading

Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues — Buck Billo and Maxi sing the Johnny Cash classic: Cocaine Blues, from the Folsom Prison album. The Tennessee Two became the Tennessee Three in 1960 with the …

Muzik Nightclub Facing Boycott After Ban On Dance Parties At Exhibition Place
In response, #BoycottMuzik is the hashtag used… Continue reading

Corning Police: 2 Charged After Traffic Stop Uncovers Drugs, Cash

Corning Police: 2 charged after traffic stop uncovers drugs, cash
Two people were arrested Monday afternoon after a traffic stop on East Pulteney Street uncovered heroin, cocaine and cash, Corning City Police reported. The driver of the vehicle, Matthew D. Phenes, 28, of 1166 W. Church St., Elmira, was charged… Continue reading

If Honorable Mr. George Walker Bush Dies From a Heart Attack, How Will You Explain the Cause of the Death?

Question by :) Has No Idea Of Politics (:: If honorable Mr. George Walker Bush dies from a heart attack, how will you explain the cause of the death?

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Answer by Boomer Wisdom
I’ll assume you are aware that he has an amazingly… Continue reading

UPDATED: Lightning's Ryan Malone Arrested on DUI, Cocaine Charges

UPDATED: Lightning's Ryan Malone arrested on DUI, cocaine charges
He refused to take a field sobriety test and was taken into custody on suspicion of being intoxicated. Two breath tests were conducted and Malone blew a .112 and a .116, well … “Under the terms of the collectively bargained joint… Continue reading

I Am Addicted to Cocaine and Don’t Know What to Do?

Question by Russian Boy: I am addicted to cocaine and don’t know what to do?
I tried it two years ago…. Then did it maybe once every few months socially then moved out on my own with a roommate and started doing it on weekends then more and… Continue reading

It's Criminal: Ethnic Disparity in Our Prisons

It's criminal: Ethnic disparity in our prisons
Person B doesn't have those benefits, and his family might be poor. When they go before a judge, Cervera said, we know who will likely end up behind bars. Punitive laws contrast with evolving attitudes among Americans. The Pew Research Center released …… Continue reading

#*}[{[ Clomid Pills for Men

#*}[{[ Clomid pills for men
Works great, the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large clomid pills for men of drugs into the U. It may take several years of treatment for the infection to be totally eradicated. And I think you may be right, MAY 2012… Continue reading

Whats All the Negative Effects of Cocaine?

Question by I__I: whats all the negative effects of cocaine?

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Answer by fhector42
u will die if u use to much

Answer by Elena B

Tories Appeal Medical Marijuana Ruling Allowing Users To Grow Their Own
Earlier this month, Federal Court Judge Michael… Continue reading

Can Marion Barry Save Vincent Gray?

Can Marion Barry Save Vincent Gray?
Barry, now 78, has been gravely ill and only recently was released from a hospital and rehabilitation facility after weeks of care. He rose from his recovery bed to give Gray his endorsement. But he spoke in a clear, firm voice when he …… Continue reading