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Effective Medication Treatment for Cocaine Abuse?

Question by Billy: Effective medication treatment for cocaine abuse?

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Answer by angie20k
Go cold turkey….because if not, you will be just taking addictive medication to get off of that….it will be substituting an addiction for another addiction

Answer by itry007
I think there are some… Continue reading

Police Can Have My Cellphone, Rob Ford Says

Police can have my cellphone, Rob Ford says
Mayor Rob Ford says Toronto police don't have to obtain a search warrant if they want to look through his phone records. "I will just give them my cellphone," Ford told the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington on Tuesday. "They can take it."… Continue reading

What Are the Modern Day, Legal Medicinal Uses for Cocaine?

Question by Nikolai Pirata: What are the modern day, legal medicinal uses for cocaine?
Mallinckrodt Incorporated, a St. Louis, Missouri pharmaceutical manufacturer, is the only company in the United States licensed to purify cocaine for medicinal use. According to Marco Castillo, spokesman for… Continue reading

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Mera: What are the signs of cocaine addiction?

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Answer by Alex
It ?s v?r? l?k?l? th?t ?v?r? society, ?n ? ??rt??n time frame ?r period, h?s h?d mood-changing drugs/substance subject t? availability ?nd th?t th?r? h?v? ?lw??s b??n individuals wh? us? th?m ?n sort… Continue reading

I Am a Recovering Junk-Food Addict

I am a Recovering Junk-Food Addict
My leftover allowance (cos I had to feed that book addiction, too, y'all) was spent on candy bars at the video store up the street. And for beverages? My dad was, and probably still is, a Diet Coke fanatic. I hated Diet Coke, so… Continue reading