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As Pills Killed Kids, Florida Shrugged

As pills killed kids, Florida shrugged
Pain doctors asked few questions as they dispensed thousands of prescriptions for narcotics each day to drug tourists from as far away as Canada, as well as to locals, often under the guise of treating suspect injuries. As the drug trade prospered …
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Letter: Drugs Ruining America

Letter: Drugs ruining America
Another problem is pregnant women using drugs, having babies born addicted and unable to help themselves. There are a … It has been reported that the murder problem in New Orleans, which is 95 per 100,000, is directly linked to the use of crack cocaine.
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Danniella Westbrook's Son 'Held in Drugs Swoop After High-Speed Midnight

Danniella Westbrook's son 'held in drugs swoop after high-speed midnight
Former cocaine addict Danniella Westbrook was said to be stunned last night after her teenage son was arrested in a drugs bust. Kai Jenkins, 17, was held with four pals after the car he was travelling in was allegedly… Continue reading

Drug Use During Pregnancy?

Question by JB: Drug use during pregnancy?
I am 4 1/2 months pregnant now and i just found out. (My periods have never been regular and i just started getting chunky) I have drank and used cocaine pretty heavily the last couple months. I am just wondering if any one… Continue reading

How the Rich and Famous Are Killing Themselves

How the rich and famous are killing themselves
The 47-year-old singing sensation died from drowning and the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use". It was also noted she … His wife, Lyndie Dupuis, was seven months pregnant with his first child at the time of death. The coroner… Continue reading

The Negative Effects of Using Cocaine


The Negative Effects of Using Cocaine – Its really bad.


RCOG release: Pregnant women should be assessed for a small for gestational

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All pregnant women should be assessed for small for gestational age (SGA) risk factors in the first trimester of… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction Rehab That Helps – 1-855-885-8651


cocaine addiction rehab that helps – 1-855-885-8651 – Do you or a friend Continuallyfight with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse Hinders the entire Family. …


Pregnant prison guard Nancy Gonzales carrying convicted cop killer's baby

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How Easy Is It to Obtain a Prescription for Methadone?

Question by TheseBlueEyesWillBreakYourHeart: How easy is it to obtain a prescription for Methadone?
I am not asking so that I can get some…
Someone dear to me has just passed away. He was a cocaine addict and experienced a lot of back pain. After he died I found out… Continue reading

Side Effects of Smoking Crack?

Question by Liz: side effects of smoking crack?

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Moms charged when babies born addicted

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Franklin County has prosecuted mothers whose drug use during pregnancy led to their baby's death,… Continue reading

Pregnancy & Drug Use


Pregnancy & Drug Use – In Fairfield County, nearly 1 in 3 pregnant women at local hospitals test positive for drugs at some point during their pregnancies.


Motherhood might limit the effect of cocaine on the brain

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