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Open but Can Youth Get a Go?

Open but can youth get a go?
WHAT responsibilities does the PM attach to his statement, that Australia is open for business? Many years ago, the then chief of the Los Angeles police department, chided business leaders for their lack of responsibility to youth. He was particularly …
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Bill to Protect Babies Could Put Them at More Risk

Bill to protect babies could put them at more risk
… abuse is one of the most despicable of crimes imaginable. Gov. Bill Haslam is being asked to make a King Solomon-like decision on a bill that would allow women to be charged with assault if they abuse narcotics while… Continue reading

Vatican’s Cocaine Condoms, Military Lolz and Clinton for President – This Is Genius Weekly 10

Vatican’s cocaine condoms, military lolz and Clinton for President – This is Genius weekly 10 — This week we start with the news that German police intercepted a box containing 350 grams of liquid cocaine in condoms bound for the Vatican. Next, we head …

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Can You Be Addicted to Marijuana?

Question by Tim Fitz: Can you be addicted to marijuana?
I am curious if marijuana is addictive?
Also how can you tell if someone is or not?

Best answer:

Answer by mrskerlin
Anything that makes you feel good can be addictive. You can tell someone who is addicted to something… Continue reading


POST ACUTE WITHDRAWL SYNDROME (PAWS) — Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) Symptoms of post-acute withdrawal. how to cope. letting others know what’s going on with you mentally, physically, etc….

Legalizing Marijuana Won't End the War on Drugs
After this is legalized, cartels will continue to smuggle heroine and cocaine. Crack use… Continue reading

Barbieri Calls for Greater Awareness of Heroin Addiction, Collaboration With

Barbieri calls for greater awareness of heroin addiction, collaboration with
Incoming Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri calls for greater awareness of heroin addiction, collaboration with treatment providers … Though referring to the increased use of heroin as an "epidemic," Barbieri said he doesn't consider it as …
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Baby Aged 22 Months Shaken to Death by His Mum's Cocaine Addict Boyfriend

Baby aged 22 months shaken to death by his mum's cocaine addict boyfriend
Lewis then attacked Kieran again in his bedroom three weeks later – causing a massive brain injury that killed him. The cocaine addict, who had never been in trouble with the police, admitted manslaughter and inflicting grievous… Continue reading

Is Pot Getting More Potent?

Is pot getting more potent?
Critics of this argument, like the Drug Policy Alliance, argue that the growing number of treatment admissions have nothing to do with potency, and are instead a by-product of the war on drugs where those arrested for marijuana possession are diverted …
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Was My Cocaine Laced?

Question by Robert: Was my cocaine laced?
Me and a couple friends were snorting some cocaine yesterday and smoking some hash, but we got this really weird high i think the cocaine was laced with PCP or the weed was, cuz we all had this weird scary trip… Continue reading

Let's Take Race Out of Heroin Debate

Let's take race out of heroin debate
Nonetheless, the War on Drugs woefully failed to consider that the manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs, including addictive prescription drugs, are being pushed by a well-established suburban drug enterprise. It is a reality that is …
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