The Dangers of Cocaine?

Question by : The dangers of cocaine?
What are the dangers of cocaine and what kind of high does it make you

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It makes you feel invincible, and can make it very difficult to control yourself. Which is a very scary combination. Its way worse then being drunk for not being able to control yourself. Its also like an extreme caffeine rush, some people get shaky, and twitchy…and you can’t fall asleep even if you wanted to. Some people get very violent on coke, and very paranoid on coke as well. Coke is also pretty addictive, and can over time lead people to become very irrational, and have violent outbursts. And it is way more dangerous nowadays than back when the drug was still really popular, due to all of the stupid shit that dealers put into it. Pure coke is impossible to get these days…its always cut with something else.

If you’re considering giving it a try…it is not worth it man, just stick to having a few beers or a some dope if you really need to get high. Trust me….coke is a very stupid drug.

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