Treat Cocaine Addiction: Cocaine Addiction Treatment – Do They Vary Based on Severity, Symptoms and Dosage of Cocaine Used?

Cocaine being a quick acting stimulant gives an instant and pleasurable high which induces a person to take more of this drug and at more frequent intervals. Since cocaine is a party drug it is often taken in conjunction with cigarettes and alcohol which intensify its effects. Withdrawal, i.e. stopping its use will result in depression, anguish, pain, weakness and an intense craving. Long term usage will lead to cardiovascular, neuromuscular and brain damages. Treatment is indicated even in moderate cases and specialist cocaine addiction treatment centers are recommended per several factors like: rate-of-recovery, damage level because of the consumption of cocaine, duration of usage and severity of symptoms.

But the most commonly noted symptoms are: increased appetite, hyperventilation, sweating, palpitations, sleeplessness, wanting to take a nap, fearfulness, depression, loss-of-energy, irritability and drug cravings. These symptoms in fact last for several weeks even after one impedes using cocaine.

Even though many researchers are continuously working on to test and identify new options, there are no such medications available in the market for treating cocaine addicts. The most experimental promising medication is Selegiline that still requires some proper administration method. Another medication named Disulfiram was used for treating alcoholics; however, they now stand as an effective method for treating cocaine-abuse.

Cocaine addiction treatment like cognitive behavioural skills indeed are effective where overcoming cocaine addiction is concerned Even behavioural cocaine addiction treatment tries to assist patients to recognize, handle & cope with the situations which can induce them to make use of cocaine again. Staffed by counsellors, nurses, compassionate and caring physicians, the cocaine addiction treatment programs understand the intensity level of addiction. After which, the treatment is provided with thorough researching from the various medical treatment methodologies to choose the one that suits the patient.

But most of the cocaine treatment programs that are available now includes two weeks detox, twenty-one or twenty-eight day, twelve-step model, wherein, an individual goes into detoxified state after which group therapies try resolving their issue. However, the success-rate is long-term, if the individual detoxifies first and then moves to a cocaine-treatment center for a longer duration of therapy and counselling with the proper life skills rounding off therapy.

Usually, the cocaine detox center uses a unique means of treating cocaine addiction by addressing their bio-physical addiction first and then proceeding to their mental addiction. In fact this method encompasses a sauna-detox which removes all the left over residues from one’s body to bring a halt to the cravings. Secondly, this treatment section involves cognitive life-skills healing. Indeed this becomes an essentiality as life skills allow a person to lead a life free of drugs.

On a final note, if your loved one is still a cocaine addict then make sure to get them treated in a well-equipped and caring cocaine treatment center.

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