Weird Feeling for Days After Using Cocaine

Question by djv22389: Weird Feeling for Days After Using Cocaine
Hello everybody.

Over the course of about the last 2 months, whenever I got EXTREMELY drunk at a house party or bar (3-4 times), I used cocaine. Not alot at all, just enough to straighten me out so I didn’t go home spinning. The last time however, I was at a keg party and did, at most, 4 bumps. I got the usual rush, but this time my heart was pounding out of my chest. Naturally, I got paranoid about it and it made it feel worse. Eventually it subsided and I just went on about my night. When I woke up however, I had a very odd feeling in me. I had extremely high anxiety, paranoia, depression, a weird feeling in my heart and stomach, as well as “tension” in my head. For about 2 days this happened and the third day (today), it finally feels like it’s gone. Does anyone know what this was? Thanks

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Answer by Megan R
hugs not drugs.

Answer by Auburn P

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