What Are the Dangers/benefits of Cocaine, and How Much Is Too Much?

Question by .: What are the dangers/benefits of cocaine, and how much is too much?

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Answer by Mr. Steel
you can never have too much cocaine


Answer by Daniel
I’ve only done it a few times, but here’s what I know about it:

-You don’t eat after you do it (possibly lose weight)
-You feel motivated to be productive (good in working situations)
-You are more sociable and talkative

-Extremely addictive (bc it lasts such a short time, then you feel down after you lose your high)
-Increased heart rate gives risk of heart attack/stroke/death
-Possible to overdose, unlike other things such as weed.

If I were you, I wouldn’t do it. It takes a lot to overdose, but it is different with everyone. One line could kill you if your body reacts badly. In general, it takes quite a bit to overdose, usually around 6+ good sized lines over a fairly short amount of time.

Hope you choose wisely, life is precious and people die on this kind of stuff all the time.

Edit: Add to the con side it’s extremely expensive, and since it lasts such a short time people spend TONS of money on it just to keep the high.

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