What Are the Symptoms of Someone on Crack Cocaine?

Question by Kayla ?: What are the symptoms of someone on crack cocaine?
I need REAL symptoms.

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I don’t know how much this will help, but I’ll try to do so to the best of my ability :)

Physical Symptoms :
When crack is inhaled through a glass pipe, within seconds the receptors in the brain release an overdose of dopamine (a pleasure chemical). This creates a very brief euphoric sensation before a rapid crash. If the drug isn’t smoked again, you could fall into depression. When someone is using crack, you will notice:
-Increase in talkativeness and energy
-Discuss unachievable things
-When the high wears off, they are irritable, easily angered, and excessively sleepy
-No appetite, rapid weight loss
-Lack of personal Grooming
-More likely to engage in risky behavior / irrational thinkers

Long term effects of the usage of this drug include Paranoia, and Aggressiveness.

Other Symptoms to be able to tell if someone is high from crack/cocaine:
-Dilated Pupils
-Dry Mouth
-Rapid Speech

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