What Does Cocaine Do to You?

Question by Sandy: What does cocaine do to you?
My crush does cocaine and I’m really worried about him and not just because he’s my crush but because he’s a person and junior in hs with a whole life ahead of him. He looks really healthy and doesn’t look like he does that and I know he has a little bro like in 6th grade ad I feel so sad for his family. Ps I’m not a stalker he lives in my street and talks to my bros Bff lol

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Answer by Umran
It’s a killer.. You need to help him get off it

Answer by HowardBlack
Cocaine is a stimulant and anorexant, meaning it staves of hunger. It is also a local anaesthetic and this is why the guys in films taste it…numbs their tongues and they know its cocaine!
The south american tribes used it basically to stave off the feeling of hunger rather than recreationally. Because it is a stimulant it produces euphoria in humans ( the user perceives) but like all stimulants it produces changes in behaviour ( paranoia, violence,etc) which is seen by the public in terms of rising mental illness and violent crimes and assaults. It stimulates an important brain pathway, the ventral tegmental pathway which is involved in addiction. The type of addiction you get is psychological rather than physical meaning you don’t get withdrawl symptoms like you do with heroin but you do get a compulsion to use and to store a big supply for yourself in case you run short.
Money is cheap nowadays thanks to our banks asking few questions to people seeking loans and thus the amount of cash available has made regular use of cocaine a reality. Cocaine is a beta agonist and constricts the blood vessels of the skin inside the nose so that a heavy user will experience a lack of oxygen to these tissues eventually leading to a caving in of the nasal septum….two nostrils becom one ! As a beta agonist it can raise blood pressure sharply and if you have a congenital weakness in blood vessels e.g. a bery aneurism or arterio-venus malformation in your brain you are likely to experience a bleed which may kill you or cause a stroke. In fact this happened to a 20 year old girl I work with. As a beta agonist it also sensitises the heart to natural adrenaline and can cause dysrythmia….wrong electrical paths in heart, to arise predisposing the user to sudden death….and the types of heart attack caused is often hard for doctors to treat and save the person even if you get to hospital.

In the long term regular use appears to alter gene expression in areas of the brain associated with mental illness and/or violence such that inhibitory pathways get reduced. This culminates in , at the very least, depression and at the worst crimes such as violent assaults are being anecdotely linked to cocaine use by doctors in ERs etc.:) :)

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