What in the Name of Barack Obama Does This Dream Mean?

Question by : What in the name of Barack Obama does this dream mean?
I dreamt my family and I were eating at our table. A guy breaks our door down and runs into the kitchen and goes to our sink and washes his bloody nose. Then he pulls out a box of cocaine and sniffs some.

Then we ask him what he is doing and he doesnt answer. We don’t kill him (because that’s what the question in the dream was, kill him or leave him?) and then he calls someone. Next a massive rescue team bursts through the windows and starts firing at us. We hide behind a upturned table. I am scared, so I run out from behind there and jump out the window and grab the ropes hanging from the helicopters. I then fall and keep grabbing different ropes til I hit the ground.

Then I woke up.

Wtf is this dream supposed to mean?

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Answer by The Party Has Arrived
It means Barack Obama will rape you of your money and your virginity.
Get ready.
He is on his way…

Answer by mlewis3498
Barack Obama?

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