What Is the Most Commonly Reported Abused Drugs in Most Drug Treatment Centers in Manoa, Hawaii?

Question by sarah: What is the most commonly reported abused drugs in most drug treatment centers in Manoa, Hawaii?
Hello there. I’m doing a research on the most commonly abused substances here in Manoa, Hawaii and I’m wondering if anybody has an idea about the topic. I really wanted to visit some drug treatment centers here to ask about it but I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time to do so. I really need your help. My report’s due in three days. Thank you.

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Answer by redcurleyz
I would just call a few of the centers near you. And explain to them you are doing a research paper and would like some information about numbers. Offer them an email addy where they can email numbers to you and facts. If they email you kindly tell them you do have a deadline.

Answer by emily
I think the most commonly abused drugs in Hawaii are cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. They’re the most distributed illegal drugs in the state so I guess it’s pretty sensible to guess that they’re also the most commonly abused drugs. Good luck with the assignment and I hope you get a good grade for it.

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