What’s the Best Solution?

Question by Houki Lou: What’s the best solution?
I have a friend who, sadly, is addicted to cocaine. Fortunately, they don’t fiend it EVERYDAY, however, the addiction is more subtle and it still plagues their mind. How can I possibily break their addiction to it so I can help them better themselves???

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Answer by non o u biznis
What a good friend you are to want to help. Probably not much you can do. This is a real addiction that may require help. It will be the ruination of a life if not addressed. It is expensive and so addicting. So, try to talk to this friend.Let them know you are there for them and see if you can get them some professional help. Because they will go go down fast, and you will not want to see this. Again, that you care so much is a big help. Talking to them first is a start. Talk about their future, what they want. How this drug will not help them get that. I wish you lots of luck.

Answer by cajundude1
Not much you can do unless they are willing to make the commitment. Try to convince your friend that he needs to make up his mind to go straight. Don’t blame yourself if he doesn’t change after your friendly advice. I made friends with someone who was having a hard time, but I couldn’t convince him. He finally killed himself. Offer to help them find a place where they can fight this addiction.

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