Which Drugs Are the Least and Most Dangerous?

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by Alpat

Question by Blueyes: Which drugs are the least and most dangerous?
What would be like the top 10 most harmless drugs for teens to take?
Or the most dangerous besides heroin, cocaine, or meth?

Best answer:

Answer by Ogre
least dangerous is weed

Answer by werepoodle
Alcohol is the most dangerous drug on the planet. Period. Nicotine (tobacco) is next. There are more people killed by alcohol and nicotine than all other drugs put together. Both are highly addictive and a source of taxes for the government.

I really don’t think you should be looking for 10 ‘harmless’ drugs. Pot makes you high and lazy so if you just want to waste the best part of your life sitting around and being stupid, that’s a good one. It won’t really hurt you, you just miss out on doing things that are better.

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