Why Can’t I Stop Using Cocaine 4+ Times a Week?

Question by : Why can’t I stop using cocaine 4+ times a week?
I have been using cocaine for the past year 4-7 times a week, depending on my money. Although I use cocaine I still work, own a house, car, family, buy stuff, go out, go gym take pride in my appearance. In fact, I don’t look like the sort of person why uses drugs.

My cocaine use never gets in the way of anything. Simply, if I don’t have the money I won’t get it – I’ll go days without it. However, if I do have the money I can spend up to hundreds in a single week on it.

Why when I get the money do I automatically feel the urge to get cocaine?

Best answer:

Answer by Katie
Because it is a drug and you are addicted to it.

Answer by Emmy
You’re addicted man.. You should seek professional help,, though you might not do cocaine every day,, 4-7 days a week is a lot, a lot..

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