Why Is Cocaine Illegal but Caffeine Isnt?

Question by tosimple2xplain: why is cocaine illegal but caffeine isnt?
They both have similiar effects, in fact the only real difference I can see is that pure cocaine is slightly more toxic than pure caffeine. 3-4 cups of strong coffee back to back is enough to kill you or at least cause serious intoxication. The reason most people dont die from caffeine is that its not given out in pure form as cocaine is. I dont want to hear that cocaine is dangerous or addictive because caffeine is just as addictive and people show similiar withdrawal symptoms.

The thing most people dont realize about cocaine is that the form found on the streets is highly concentrated pure cocaine hydroxide…PURE things will cause bad effects and addiction…the actual coca leaf only contains 0.2% cocaine hydrochloride which is not an effective dose. The same as if you took a bottle of Everclear(90-proof pure alcohol) and tried to drink it you would die…is the same as if u took pure cocaine and tried to consume excess quantities. The danger is not in the drug but the dosage.
The intensity is caused by the concentrated product of cocaine hydrochloride though. We cant go and buy concentrated, pure caffeine. The coca leaf itself is not dangerous and would give a legal outlet for impoverished farmers in south america to sell their product.
Oh yea..and as the guy below me said…all the street violence would end if these drugs were legal. Pfizer and other drug companies would take over their distribution and there would be no money to be made in selling the drugs on the streets.

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Answer by Horse
Because you can’t make Crack Caffeine. Though both addictive and the effects are similar even in withdrawal, you would have to be blind not to see the difference in the intensity of the two.

Answer by melsy welsy
Have you tried cocaine? Your way of thinking is completely different than it is after drinking a few cups of coffee. As for the withdrawal symptoms, everyones different. I struggled as a teenager with serious drug use and ‘coming down’ and the ‘withdrawels’ were different than coming off caffeine (coffee).

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