Will Obama Smoke Marijuana in White House. Smokes Cigarettes Daily.?

Question by Web. tell truth on Web: Will Obama smoke marijuana in white house. smokes cigarettes daily.?
Snorted cocaine in youth.

Smoked marijuans in youth.

smokes daily.

will obama use cocaine, marijuans in white house.

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Answer by knicname
What do cigarettes have to do with marijuana & what does either have to do with cocaine?

Gee, I wonder who you’re voting for!!!

Answer by Matt P
Stop being racist and anti-Obama. As if the other presidents haven’t snorted Cocaine and Marijuana. Surely there have been others before him. This was during his pre-Christian years and during the times he was encountering family stress.

Obama won’t snort Cocaine and Marijuana in the White House ad even if he does I highly doubt that he is the first. There are the president’s children, grandchildren, ad the other visitors.

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