Anyone Know How to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms?

Question by Billy’s Wife: Anyone know how to ease withdrawal symptoms?
I was on pain management for five months. I was taking methadone, and I have been taken off of all of it. I am having a very hard time with the withdrawal. Anyone know how to make this any easier? I want to jump out of my skin!!
I’d also like to throw in this question as well: How long will this last for?

Also: my doctor was the one who quit prescribing. I don’t have to go cold turkey, but all he gave me was 20 5 mg Vicodins and 800 mg Motrins. I’m trying to ration the Vicodins to only 1 or 2 a day because they make the nausea even worse, and they don’t help much either.

The doctor thought that I was selling my pills because I ran out early. I assure you that I was not.

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Answer by ozcall2006
try and keep busy that helps a bit

Answer by bkfinest848
icecream and u’re best buds

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