Signs of Drug Usage Please Help?

Question by unknown88: Signs of drug usage please help?
I’ll give you some examples of what’s going on with someone I know. You can say what you think the drugs are or give examples of drugs usage signs or advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
1. Former drug user (cocaine) as a teenager
2. Smoked weed and does percocets for an entire year or two denies currently using.
3. Gave up a beautiful classy lady who utterly loved him for him to be with trashy loose women along with treating her like worthless dirt along with cheating on her.
4. Treats his family and old friends like dirt and no longer in contact with any of his old best friends who all loved him.
5. Lost two good jobs within a year and now can’t find another job.
6. Has been kicked out of his parents house a couple of times supposedly over money.
7. Pawning & selling all his electronics “to pay bills”.
8. Asking everyone you know for money at least twice a week 200-300 at a time.
9. Always getting caught in lies and flipping out and getting mad or denying anything or turning things around on you.
10. Not feeling well at certain times.
11. Constantly calling himself a worthless piece of sh*t as well as threatening to commit suicide on a regular basis. (At least several times a week)
12. Only associating with other possible drug users who have been jknown to been addicted to using previously as well.
13. Loosing most of his teeth within a year, the teeth he does have are rotting badly holes, chipping discolor, pain, braking half-way etc.
Anyways Anyways if you can give any advice or can figure out what kind of drug he could possibly be using any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Answer by Noah

Answer by Raoul Duke
yeah, sounds like a meth addict. especially the money stuff, a former stimulant (coke) user and the teeth.

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