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Question by Dsgdsg S: ayeeeeeeeeeeeee please answerrrrrr?
alright. first off im fourteen and i used to be on zoloft, but now i am on lexapro. well, a few days ago i smoked like a blunt n a bowl i think (it was like my second time) n i mean i was trippin.. i thot it was laced n i was going to die.. i was running outside going crazy, i felt like my heart was going to just pop out and shit..i was shaking so bad… i was going insane… this seems crazy but i am still feeling some of the effects n its been 2 days.. i feel like a zombie… is it the meds? the weed ? or what… i want to get off tha lexapro n i prolly will but i reeeeeeally dont want this to happen if i smoke bud again..but frill i cant even think anymore i dont feel like myself, i feel like im always in

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Answer by Matt N
This is a continuation of my cutoff answer from your other version of this same question, For the Pothead???? see my answer to THAT question first….
Eventually, you will ALWAYS have to be stoned to be happy. Whenever you are coming down, you will have some SEVERE mood swings, usually negative ones: depression/anger. Like I stated earlier, I got to a point where I was getting stoned and staying that way every day, multiple times (smoking to get stoned at least 4-5 times a day). This is no way to live a happy life. You will eventually need to smoke more and more to actually make you feel “happy” (you will still get stoned just as easy, but you will feel more and more depressed each time you do it, which completely defeats the original purpose for smoking it in the first place. At this stage, you will do one of two things: You will either try to better yourself by getting off drugs completely, or you will move on to even more dangerous activities/drugs. You are setting yourself up for an early grave or prison sentence. It’s not too late, and the choice is completely yours to make. You have to just sit back, relax, and seriously ask yourself, is this what you want for your future?

One more quick comment… I too had several occasions where I am positive (to this day as a sober individual in fact) that what I smoked was more than just weed, and no doubt, you too, having taken pills, had the same experience (how pleasurable was that by the way?). After talking to an ex-cop, a drug addict, and a medical doctor, I am absolutely sure that I had smoked Cocaine, embalming fluid, PCP, and possibly in LSD lased in marijuana (admittingly, the person whom I described my experience to informing me it sounded like LSD was the drug addict, so I’m not too sure how possible that one is).

Hopefully you have seen the overall theme of this answer. With any kind of unregulated substances, you never know for sure that what you are getting is purely what it is advertised as. But like the old guy in Pet Semetery so perfectly and creepily says: What you pay for is what you get.

If you didn’t enjoy your experience then that isn’t just the drugs reacting with each other, it is your mind/body/soul telling the conscious “you” that this type of behavior simply is not a good way to deal with your problems. I don’t won’t to impose politics, but what “sealed the deal” for me to decide to quit pot was the autobiography/memoir written by the leader of the free world. Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father in addition to The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for living by the Dali Lama both did wonders to the way I look at life. Both books are very uplifting and show you how to take control of your emotions and your life. In President Obama’s book, he talks about his teenage experimentation and addiction to pot, alcohol, and “the occasional line of blow (aka cocaine),” and then he turns his life around, gets back into school, and becomes friggin’ PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! If that kind of message doesn’t do it for you than you should seek out professional help. Hope you find what makes you happy, staying healthy and safe all the while…

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