Best Way to Help Someone Addicted to Cocaine?

Question by *Cole*: Best way to help someone addicted to cocaine?
she’s 17, and knows that she is addicted but doesn’t want help. Her parents want to put her into treatment but I have little faith in rehab when someone doesn’t want to be there. (obviously this is not my decision, I am just wondering) Is rehab the best decision, what kind of rehab or programs have you seen work? what are the other options, if any?

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Answer by Ellen
I have been in recovery for over 15 yrs and have seen it all…from cold turkey to many rehabs. It all depends on how badly the person wants to get clean and sober. One of the best places to start is with Narcotics Anonymous or Cocain Anonymous. I have enclosed the links for you to see. Both of these programs were derived from Alcoholics Anonymous so if you can not find either of these in programs in your area please check out AA. You may want to look into Alanon…since you are a family member/friend of an addict.

Answer by laila
Show her a documentary video how cocaine is made of, the production is so impressive and the stuff is in it so distasting… I hope this can help everyone!

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