Can Smoking Crack/cocaine Cause Hallucinations and Make You Hear Things?

Question by Henry T: can smoking crack/cocaine cause hallucinations and make you hear things?
if it can, is it possible for these effects to become permanent??

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Answer by zeldaslexicon
Yes and yes.

Cocaine, like other sympathomimetic drugs (meth, speed, etc) alters the uptake of certain neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. In other words, it messes with your brain chemistry. In large enough doses, it can cause drug-induced psychosis – hallucinations, delusions, and violent behavior.

Working in the ER, I’ve seen many many cases of drug-induced psychosis. Typically, symptoms clear when enough of the drug is metabolized by the body, and behavior returns to normal. However, abuse it long enough, and you can develop symptoms that do NOT clear. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this a lot too.

Answer by NatBug
Yes and yes and stay away from that crap unless you want to ruin your entire life.

Drug abuse does not always lead to psychosis readmission
In their study of 7269 people (66% men) aged 15–29 years admitted with first-episode psychosis, the researchers found that baseline cannabis or stimulant (cocaine and amphetamines) abuse did not predict readmission within 2 years in multivariate …

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