Is Cocaine Addiction a Disease?

Question by pumpkin: Is cocaine addiction a disease?
A mental health worker told me that my daughter had this disease and that she could not help herself.OK she knows that they have said this to her,My question is don`t you still have to make a choice,maybe I`m wrong,but in away it kinda gives them an excuse to keep doing it.If they don`t have control.If you don`t understand my question email me!I don`t mean to sound cold,it just that I have been going through this for 15 years.
I am very tired!!!!!!!!!!
She has been in about 12 different rehabs

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Answer by w_holyfield
yes just like an alcoholic…they need treatment!

Answer by Imightbewrong
“Disease” is often used in place of “We do not know what to do”

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