Question by EZ: cocaine..?
What does cocaine do to you and what happends to kids like 12-15 years old?

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Answer by BigChiefYambag
Cocaine makes your wiener fall off. Don’t try it.

Answer by dlmrgnk
It’ll make you into a blithering, crying, hurting idiot when you go to get off the stuff. And before that it will make you poor.

RCMP lay drug charges after home search
On March 25, local RCMP seized 24.7 grams of crystal meth (methamphetamines),2.1 grams of crack cocaine and 80.3 grams of marijuana from a residence near 102 Street and 106 Avenue. Police also confiscated roughly $ 4,725 in cash and an undisclosed …
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Ancient Fish Fossil and Cocaine Condoms
In other news that pushes the limits of satire, The Daily Beast reported that Army PFC Lawrence S. Gordon, KIA in the assault on Normandy in 1944, would be coming home. Civilian researchers documented the location of his remains in a German cemetery …
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