How Bad Is Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Big John Horton: How bad is crack cocaine addiction?
I’ll make this short and to the point.
I know someone who is heavily addicted to smoking crack cocaine and that’s all they do.
they spend their time hanging around crack dealers looking for something to pawn.
one time this person was almost shot by a crack dealer.

this person steals my sleep med’s to get high while they cant buy crack.
they most likely will never get off crack, but frankly i couldn’t care less because thats how utterly annoying this is.
this persons lungs bleed all the time, constantly hacking blood.
writing millions of fake checks and so on.

this person i know happens to be ” someones ” mom.

how bad is crack cocaine addiction and has it ever effected your life ? is there any hope?

Best answer:

Answer by Shane
bob saget once said he use to suck dck for coke, that how bad a cocaine addiction is….

Answer by Kim
I was once addicted to it. Does she seem pretty messed up in the head from it now? I never got to that point personally. It will take over your life if you let it. I know for sure if you try to get her some help it will only help if she WANTS to quit. You cant help someone if they dont want to be helped. If she is hacking up blood, that’s a whole other issue. Her body is going to fail eventually from this and probably very soon. Crack heads are willing to do anything to get their next fix.(I’m not saying I did any of this. Thats because I wasnt super deep into the drug). Always trying to catch that first initial high. It is an on going cycle. I, fortunately, have enough willpower to quit something when I know I need to. Some people just cant do it by themselves. Most addicts aren’t proud to be addicts, and most of them probably dont want to be a druggy forever. So, it really doesn’t surprise me that she steals stuff for money. I’ve seen it happen myself. Do you think you could talk to her? Or is she just way out of it? She just needs a reality check. Try to get her some help if possible because i dont think she can do this on her own. I would try putting her on the show Intervention if possible.

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