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AXIOM UK LIVE – Cocaine – 19th October 2013

AXIOM UK LIVE – Cocaine – 19th October 2013 — The amazing AXIOM Smashing it!!

Teddy Sagi, jailbird pornographer behind Britain's crack cocaine gambling
Whether gambling machines will continue to be such a cash cow for him remains to be seen, as pressure increases on the Government to take… Continue reading

Share a Coke — Is Your Name on a Coke Bottle? – New Coca-Cola Ad 2013 Ireland

Share A Coke — Is Your Name on a Coke Bottle? – New Coca-Cola Ad 2013 Ireland — The brand new Irish TV ad celebrating a summer of Share A Coke! To find out more about Share A Coke visit us at

Female prisoner officer suspected of smuggling class… Continue reading

Will Tennessee Legalize the New Jane Crow?

Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?
Tennessee passed a Safe Harbor Act last year that protected pregnant women from punishment for drug use during pregnancy if they completed a treatment program. Women ensnared by law enforcement under SB 1391 if it becomes law could still use this …
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Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues — Buck Billo and Maxi sing the Johnny Cash classic: Cocaine Blues, from the Folsom Prison album. The Tennessee Two became the Tennessee Three in 1960 with the …

Muzik Nightclub Facing Boycott After Ban On Dance Parties At Exhibition Place
In response, #BoycottMuzik is the hashtag used… Continue reading

Can the Usage of Cocaine on a Daily Base Lead to Suicide?

Question by Shallow Grave: Can the usage of cocaine on a daily base lead to suicide?
Is there a possible link between suicide and the usage of cocaine?

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Answer by Aaron
First off let me say the use of any drug is… Continue reading

Inference for Two Proportions: Introduction

Inference for Two Proportions: Introduction — I discuss the sampling distribution of the difference in sample proportions, and the formulas for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for the differenc…

Pre-teen prescription drug abuse rising in Lincoln County
Authorities have told News 4 that more people are abusing prescription drugs than… Continue reading

Obama Administration Plans Clemency for “Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands” of

Obama Administration Plans Clemency for “Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands” of
WASHINGTON, DC — A White House official said this week that President Obama is prepared to use his pardon power to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of people who have been jailed for nonviolent drug crimes. The report said… Continue reading

Student Newspaper: 2 Pace University Lacrosse Players Failed Drug Tests

Student newspaper: 2 Pace University lacrosse players failed drug tests
Student reporter Cecilia Levine published the allegations in the Pace Chronicle, alleging that two lacrosse players used cocaine and marijuana in late February or early March. She says she interviewed current and former Pace athletes for her story. (4 …… Continue reading

Bill Would Punish Drug-Using Pregnant Women

Bill would punish drug-using pregnant women
Opponents of a Tennessee bill that would punish pregnant women who abuse narcotics say it will have the unintended consequence of hurting the very people it's supposed to protect: the babies. Health organizations and women's rights advocates have …
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Study Finds Brain Changes in Young Marijuana Users

Study finds brain changes in young marijuana users
The findings, published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, come amid an increased debate about the long-term effects of marijuana, as a growing number of states legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use. Forty Boston-area young adults …
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