Cocaine Withdrawal?

Question by April S: Cocaine withdrawal?
i did cocaine on friday while i was drinking.. for my first time (stupid of me.. very stupid) and i wont be doing it again.. but after i did it im getting these symptoms: puking, loss of appitite, tiredess, & anxiety.. and yesterday i actually had a craving for it witch pisses me off alot more.. so do u think that even though i did cocaine once this is what the symptoms are from? i only did one line..

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Answer by Rachel P
I’ve never done cocaine before, however, I have taken a Drugs and Behaviour course and all those symptoms point to withdrawal. Here are a list of the symptoms:
* agitation
* depression
* intense craving for the drug
* extreme fatigue
* anxiety
* angry outbursts
* lack of motivation
* nausea/vomiting
* shaking
* irritability
* muscle pain
* disturbed sleep

You should know that the withdrawal symptoms are the exact opposite of the drug effect (as with all drugs). Be careful, especially since you’re experiencing this from just the first use. Cocaine is one of the most highly addictive drugs.

Answer by SUZE H
One line is all it takes sweetie. Stay clean. Please. You don’t ever want to have to come off this crap for real. Trust me you don’t. Yeah, your symptoms are a result of your indulgence. They don’t get better. They get worse. I used to call it the after coke “b888chies” Fights, arguments over stupid crap. It ain’t pretty. Stay clean. Stay clean. Please stay clean.

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