Is There an Addictive Street Drug That Doesn’t Have Obvious Visible Side Effects?

Question by ???? [?~?? f?????~?]: Is there an addictive street drug that doesn’t have obvious visible side effects?
For example, after using meth for a long time, the user loses teeth, develops sores, etc. Is there a heavy street drug, or any type of addictive drug, that has no visible side effects, or at most very minimal side effects?

(By the way, I’m not into or trying to get into any drugs – I’m writing a novel and the main character has to have a drug problem, but I don’t want her to outwardly look like a druggie.)


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Answer by Lollie Squeglia
Heroin, but even that is noticeable after a while-whether or not they’re injecting. But depending on how long she’s been/going to be on it, you should be okay. Cocaine also leaves minor physical signs which can easily be explained away if she wants to hide it.

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