‘Honest’ Prisoner Landed Extra Two Years in Jail After Calling Police From His Cell to Ask if They’d Forgotten He Had Cocaine on Him When They Arrested Him for Car Theft

‘Honest’ prisoner landed extra two years in jail after calling police from his cell to ask if they’d forgotten he had cocaine on him when they arrested him for car theft
A prisoner has been handed two more years in jail after he phoned police from his cell to ask whether they had forgotten about the cocaine he was carrying when he was arrested. ‘Honest’ Craig Dutton, 21, called officers from a young offenders …
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Duterte warns cocaine peddler: Your wife will be a widow
DAVAO CITY, Philippines – If you’re trying to peddle the two bricks of cocaine that are missing from the authorities in Davao, be warned: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s shoot-to-kill order is still in place. “Do not wait that this will be recovered in your hands.
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