How Can I Find a Drug Rehab Center in Moorpark, California?

Question by adreanna zz: How can I find a drug rehab center in Moorpark, California?
My best friend confided to me that he is addicted to cocaine but wanted to stop already. He asked me if I could find a rehab center where he can undergo substance abuse treatment. His parents do not know that he’s been using drugs that is why he asked me to keep his problem a secret.

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Answer by DANIELLE H
Finding a drug rehab in Moorpark, California is not much of a problem. With the help of the Internet and telephone, I am sure you’ll be able to find one near your place. You can begin with the links I’ve posted below. They will certainly be of great help. However, I think that the bigger issue is how you’re going to tell the problem to your friend’s parents. If there are people who could help him more than anybody else, they’re his parents. I think you should convince your buddy to confide to his mom and dad, too.

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