Is This a Mental Illness?

Question by surfblue: is this a mental illness?
everytime i want to do something like
sign on facebook, eat anything, get distracted from my school work (watching tv, going for a walk, etc)

a voice in my brain says, no you can’t do that or your mom/dad/dog will die
or no you can’t do that because he will hate you and never like you
or no you can’t do that because your friends will hate you

i can’t escape it, sometimes i wont do it because of the thoughts!
it used to be my aunt dying.
and i’m really scared because at i used to dismiss it and say, no nobody will die!
but then my aunt died.
so now i really dont know what to do

Best answer:

Answer by Evilest_Wendy
You may want to talk to someone. Voices in your head are an illness.

Answer by sceptileptic
Yes it is a mental illness called OCD.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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