Justice Department Prepares for Clemency Requests From Thousands of Inmates

Justice Department prepares for clemency requests from thousands of inmates
For about two decades, strict sentences were imposed on offenders convicted of trafficking or possession with intent to traffic crack cocaine in the belief that the substance was more addictive than powder cocaine, inexpensive and linked to violent crime.
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CAMPAIGN 2014: Candidate for lieutenant governor outlines his platform
He said the illicit trade of marijuana isn't as big a concern as the growing problem of heroin and cocaine. Revenue generated from marijuana sale, he said, could immediately go into treatment and education programs for more addictive substances. “We …
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'Dangerous' betting machines targeted
The terminals – which allow gamblers to stake as much as £100 every 20 seconds – are raking in millions of pounds and have been likened to crack cocaine in their addictiveness. Figures show there were 84 fixed-odds terminals in Sheffield centre across …
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