Weird Symptoms After Minor Cocaine Use?

Question by : Weird symptoms after minor cocaine use?
Last Sunday I did a line of cocaine. It was really just a line and is definitely not habitual for me. The effect of it lasted way to long. Four hours later I still had a numbness on the side of my face where I had snorted the line. My heart was beating a bit quicker than usual and I felt a bit drowsy. I have to say that I was very tired on that day anyway. During the evening the symptoms seemed to disappear and I went to sleep at around 1 a.m. The next morning I could barely get out of bed and when I finally did, I realized that the side of my face was still a bit numbish and I felt a bit light headed. I realized that my nose was blocked but I also have to say that I had a bit of a sore throat on that Sunday already before I had snorted the coke. On Monday evening my face got better but I realized then that the arm and leg of the other side of my body were getting a bit ticklish and weakish. I could still walk and move normally though. Damn it!!!! I thought I must have had a little stroke, a TIA or something. Straight away I started taking aspirin and spent half the night researching my symptoms. Obviously I felt shit the next day after 4 hours of sleep and a still slightly weak feeling on the same side of my body. I went through my daily routine and even attended a yoga class. Weak…but i could still do it.
It’s Wednesday evening now. I have a headache, the weakness is better but I still have a cold.
I want to call a doctor tomorrow to schedule an appointment. I first wanted to make sure that the coke was out of my system…

Can somebody tell me something?? Should I be really worried??? I’ve heard people died after having cold-like symptoms after drug use…BUT I’m not taking any other drugs and it was really just a line…

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Answer by Ashley
It is normal to have sort of a hangover the day after doing any cocaine. (sleepy, and crappy feeling.) Also, it is normal for the effects to last four hours. It sounds like coincidentally you developed a cold the next day. I wouldn’t be worried at all. The numbness in your legs is kind of weird though so I would definitely not do any cocaine ever again!

Answer by lill’mikey
Honestly, you shouldn’t do drugs in the first place because you never know how your body is going to react. Especially if it’s an illegal drug like coke is. There’s a reason its illegal.

Actually the numbness is normal when sniffing coke. Some of the other symtoms are probably because of your soar throat.

What you said before about getting it out of your system is comletly correct. However, you will have to tell the doctor what happened, and it’s probably not the best thing to lie to the doctor. So, to say what I said earlier, you shouldn’t do drugs in the first place.

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