Question on Teen Drug Abuse?

Question by Scotty B: Question on teen drug abuse?
Ok before i even begin this question i want to say i will be talking about marijuana and this is the drug that has most peoples opinions on it but one thing i ask not to do is not talk about it being a gateway drug. This is not the purpose of the question so try too refrain talking about it. what i noticed is young kids who used marijuana before age 15 which is in their middle school years they say 60% go onto to use cocaine later on life to be more specific it is 62% according to this book on marijuana. it also says 54% of them made some non medical use of mind altering pills and 9% went on to use heroin at least once. it does not say anything else about ecstasy, or any hallucinogenic drugs. these were just statistics I think were from 2007. So they can be different now. but now i am 16 a sophomore in high school and i noticed kids who have done weed have not been doing any other drugs or at least not as much. So whats with teen drug abuse i noticed in my school that the people who use other drugs pretty much all started in middle school. Do drugs have a different effect on kids when they use it younger. Last time this is not if weed is a gate way drug or not so do not talk about it. I know weed does not make the user do other drugs or anything i am just wondering why it it seems like the younger you start using the more drugs you do now i know a couple users have not done other drugs who started before 15. But why is that these kid are drug dealers who deal more than just weed now.
when i said people who have done weed when i was 15 and 16 in High school i mean kids who have started smoking weed in high school not in the middle school like other kids who have done other drugs. kids who smoked weed in high school i know a few who has tried other things but not like kids who tried them in middle school.
Rednax that does not answer my question i know some kids smoke weed before 15 and havent tried anything else. I know not everyone who smokes weed will be doing other drugs but your answer does not help me at all.
thanks red nax i didnt get to see the rest of your answer.
sesshy for one you are not being a veryresposible person for abusing illegal drugs in the first place

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Answer by rednax
I started smoking weed when I turned about 14. I still smoke weed, and I have no desire to sell or try any other drugs. Kids/people usually resort to selling drugs because they think that they’ll start pulling in a lot of money. I know some people that do it for popularity purposes. To be honest, selling drugs is really easy. Getting them is even easier.

FYI, “M”, WEED is another term for MARIJUANA.

Answer by Mark D
I am generally an bit of an asshole on this site but I feel like you asked a decent question so I will respond in kind.

I am not an expert but in my experience the younger a person starts to look to chemicals as their source of happiness the more they are missing the point. I am not going to get into dangers or whats more addictive than what but doing anything at a young age is going to have a pretty heavy effect, maybe not permanently but you have to figure it represents a greater % of a persons total life experiences and has to be weighed accordingly.

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