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Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect

Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect
… over the past 20 years. According to Blueprint Louisiana (a statewide citizen's group on reforms in criminal justice and education) “only 37 percent of offenders in Louisiana have been convicted of violent crimes…and the average sentence for drug …
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Cook Overcomes Family Struggles for NFL Opportunity

Cook overcomes family struggles for NFL opportunity
It begins with a 28-year-old single mother named Michelle Cook, an only child who grew up in a two-parent home and went to a private high school, but who spent more than a decade battling drug and alcohol addiction. It begins with a… Continue reading

Pro/con: Stop the Heroin Starter Drug: Tobacco; End Prohibition

Pro/con: Stop the heroin starter drug: tobacco; End prohibition
Pictures DO speak louder than words in your story. Pictured just under the title is an addict with her starter drug — the one we know as tobacco. Indeed, tobacco leads to abuse of other drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and… Continue reading

After Effects – Flying Canned Coke

After Effects – Flying Canned Coke[email protected].

Pro wrestlers stalked by death
Among the most famous dead wrestlers is Chris Benoit (died in 2007, age 40), who came to widespread attention after killing his wife, 7-year-old son and then himself in an apparently drug-fueled frenzy. … If it leads… Continue reading

Visitor Arrested After Being Caught Trafficking at Putnamville Facility

Visitor arrested after being caught trafficking at Putnamville facility
At that time, in the presence of female staff, she voluntarily surrendered various amounts of Vicodin, Suboxone, marijuana, Ecstasy, Valium, Klonopin and cocaine. Mann was placed under arrest by … "We take every opportunity possible to deflect …
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Treatment for Anhedonia?

Question by K.C.: Treatment for anhedonia?
I’ve already asked a ton of questions on this, but anyways…

How would apathy/indifference be treated? Would therapy work, and if so, how can a therapist get the individual to experience emotions again? Or would the individual need medication?

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First Delegated Legislation Committee – Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Ketamine Etc

First Delegated Legislation Committee – Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Ketamine etc
The advisory council reports that such compounds are extremely potent and carry a high risk of overdose in powder and liquid form. A large number of doses can be made from small … The compounds were most… Continue reading

State Expert Says Spell Fit for Trial

State expert says Spell fit for trial
He also admitted to using cocaine, opium, mushrooms and angel dust in the past. Through review of his functional ability from his younger years, Hill said he had significant difficulties as a child. The difficulties include intellectual limitations and …
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The Jeremy Kyle Show My Mum Got Me Addicted to Crack Cocaine at 15 Years Old

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The Hugo Problem
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Just How Addictive Are Ecstasy or Cocaine?

Question by ADTR: Just how addictive are ecstasy or cocaine?
Hi :) i smoke weed but i am doing ecstasy for the first time tomorrow and am in the process of acquiring cocaine. How many people who do cocaine actually become addicted. If you could post a link or percentages… Continue reading