Bath Salts

Health Educators Answer Substance Abuse Alcohol Poisoning

Health Educators Answer substance abuse alcohol poisoning — Alcohol poisoning is caused by heavy intoxication that results in difficulty breathing, swallowing and difficulty in managing the gag reflex. Learn how alcoh…

Bath salts–what's in a name?
Your body: The physical effects to your body can be dangerous and deadly. …… Continue reading

Newcastle CBD Vision Wound Back: Video

Newcastle CBD vision wound back: video
One office wit had taken to calling it “planners on crack cocaine” and it is not hard to see why. The video … Even if one of its aims is “connecting Wickham to the beach” – something of a physical challenge, cynics or regular… Continue reading

Cooking Up Trouble: Rise in Meth Use Sends Up Red Flags

Cooking up trouble: Rise in meth use sends up red flags
Meth has been around for decades, but it is becoming more popular because of the price and a euphoric high that can last several hours, along with a drop in the availability of cocaine. “Bath salts … Meth labs… Continue reading

Heroin: Cheap, Plentiful, Deadly

Heroin: Cheap, plentiful, deadly
Cocaine called a year later. Expelled from school, Potts snorted heroin twice before injecting the drug at 17. “My addiction basically just went deeper and deeper and deeper,” Potts said. “But I am proof that people do recover.” High-profile heroin …
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Baraboo Pair Gets Probation on Felony Drug Charge

Baraboo pair gets probation on felony drug charge
5; Judge W. Andrew Voigt ordered Maheo to serve two years of probation, and ordered him to undergo an assessment and treatment for substance abuse. Voigt also sentenced Greenwood to serve two years of probation after she pleaded no contest Feb. 4… Continue reading

Is There Withdrawal Symptoms After Using Cocaine Once?

Question by pewp00: is there withdrawal symptoms after using cocaine once?
like the day after you do a line or two.

what about if you were drunk and did cocaine, how will you feel the next day?

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Answer by whitewolf_979
no.… Continue reading

Can Sex Be Addictive as Certain Drugs?

Question by Gayaa: Can sex be addictive as certain drugs?

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Answer by pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur
good sex?

even more than any drugs I have ever taken

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Internet addict tells how World of Warcraft gaming had become 'like crack

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Are Narcotics Physically Addictive or Psychologically Addictive?

Question by james monroe: are narcotics physically addictive or psychologically addictive?
^self explanatory. PLEASE HELPPP.

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Answer by GiaKiddo
most are both.

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DEA Announces Largest Ever Synthetic Drug Crackdown

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Designer synthetic drugs are often marketed… Continue reading



Cocaine!!!! – Project for health.


Not really 'bath salts': Update on 'designer stimulants'

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The effects are generally similar to those of cocaine, amphetamine, and other stimulants but vary with compound, dose, and route of administration. Users may sniff or swallow the drugs,… Continue reading

Cocaine Heart


Cocaine Heart – So I know I’m lost not found I’m lost ’cause I’m leading So I know I’m lost not found I’m lost ’cause I’m leading So I’m slave to A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N Maybe lac…


Obama Still Bogarting Our Joints

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Now that Washington State… Continue reading