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Please Help Me Im So Addicted!?

Question by Jazzy: Please help me im so addicted!?
Hey im 16, and well im so into drugs i dont know what to do.
Just in the last year, its gone from weed, to cigarettes, cutting, prescription drugs (painkillers, valium, citalopram, morphine patches) Ecstacy, a bottle of vodka a… Continue reading

Is Nicotine More Addictive Than Heroin?

Question by Angel: Is Nicotine more addictive than heroin?
I have heard that this is so. Which I find hard to believe. I was a smoker for many years, and gave up cold turkey. I haven’t had a smoke for several weeks, and don’t feel like one.
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Addictive Cocaine: Depression and Cocaine Addiction – the Connection

Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive substance. Many people wonder how addictive cocaine really is and if there is some form of treatment. The use of cocaine could be traced back to the ancient people, who evidently started using coca leaves (the source of cocaine) even during the ancient… Continue reading

How Long Does It Take for Cocaine to Leave Your System?

Question by eric o: how long does it take for cocaine to leave your system?

Best answer:

Answer by xxxc0c0puffzxxx
Don’t know never done coke before. I guess it would take a good month.

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Testing the times

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Crazy Night, Alcohol Poisoning, Now Im Confused?

Question by anon: crazy night, alcohol poisoning, now im confused?
can someone please help me out right now? on friday (3 days ago) i went to a crazy party. i ended up drinking way too much vodka, getting alcohol poisoning, and smoking way too much weed that i could… Continue reading

Cocaine 1


Cocaine 1 – Intense, but brief highs followed by profound lows. This video/DVD explains how cocaine produces these effects. Side effects and dangers of cocaine use also described. A treatment plan using an integrated approach is outlined.


Despite new Arizona law, dangerous bath salts flourish

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Smruti Patel – Cocaine Addiction and Relapse


Smruti Patel – Cocaine addiction and relapse – Smruti Patel discusses her research, which is related to cocaine addiction and relapse, and how the brain encodes drug seeking behavior. Smruti is advised by Dr. Mark West, professor in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University.


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Patient #29


Patient #29 – An extreme method for cocaine addiction in Lima Peru (1984)


The modeling of new enzymes helps develop therapies for cocaine abuse

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As there is no FDA-approved anti-cocaine medication, the medical and social consequences of cocaine abuse have made the development… Continue reading

What Is the Point? (Best Rant Ever)?

Question by Jake B: What is the point? (best rant ever)?
You get in a relationship with a hot girl, and you want to f**k another hot girl. You spend $ 75 on cocaine in an attempt to feel better, yet all you do is say “this shlt is… Continue reading



HISTORY CHANNEL METH A COUNTY IN CRISIS DRUGS AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY WALES & UNITED KINGDOM – CHOOSELIFE WALES….Meth Amphetamine has swept across America and Asia and has completely destroyed individualds and communities. Meth Amphetamine which gives almost six times the high that you get from Crack Cocaine has become… Continue reading