benefits of cocaine

What Are the Benefits of Cocaine?

Question by : What are the benefits of cocaine?

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Answer by Honey Badger
You’ll make some hulking black guy in prison very happy when he starts pounding that ass.

Answer by xjoizey
Addiction, Stealing from family and friends to buy the drug. Lose your job, Jail,… Continue reading

It's Criminal: Ethnic Disparity in Our Prisons

It's criminal: Ethnic disparity in our prisons
Person B doesn't have those benefits, and his family might be poor. When they go before a judge, Cervera said, we know who will likely end up behind bars. Punitive laws contrast with evolving attitudes among Americans. The Pew Research Center released …… Continue reading

Does Cocaine Has Any Benefit ?

Question by okulla2000: does cocaine has any benefit ?

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Answer by Rebecca H
Sigmund Freud used it to make his patients loosen up and talk in their psychoanalytic therapy sessions with him. now it is proved that his patients were basically high so we don’t really… Continue reading

What Are the Dangers/benefits of Cocaine, and How Much Is Too Much?

Question by .: What are the dangers/benefits of cocaine, and how much is too much?

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Answer by Mr. Steel
you can never have too much cocaine

Answer by Daniel
I’ve only done it a few times, but here’s what I know about it:

-You don’t eat… Continue reading

Cocaine’s Efffect????

benefits of cocaine use
by slö

Question by Alessandra: cocaine’s efffect????
does cocaine make u lose weight and wats the risks of it and wats the benefits of using it

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Answer by kingajs2010
well if your smart there is no benefits of it unless you wanna be stupid

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What Parts of Your Body Does Marijuana Harms?

Question by lollipop: what parts of your body does marijuana harms?
i have a 20 year old brother. i cant get him to understand that marijuana is bad for him, he had been in jail 2 times already for it, but he says that its been proved that no… Continue reading

Whey Is Marijuana Elegal Other Then They Cant Tax It?

Question by Patrick: whey is marijuana elegal other then they cant tax it?

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Answer by Amber
Don’t you mean illegal?
Anyway..probably,yes. I don’t see why,seeing as how in my opinion i think it’s better than alcohol.

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How the public… Continue reading

Whats Your Favored Drugs and Why?

Question by TATATA: Whats your favored drugs and why?
I’m stoner just really bored I’d like to learn things off your experience that I should be aware of don’t be afaird to share somthing crazy well all have are crazy high times haha no hate comments respectfully

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