Coke Addict

Diet Coke Addict!?

Question by Rinny: Diet Coke Addict!?
Im going crazy. All i drink is diet coke. Now that i have given it up because i realized what it was doing to me im have severe migrines and mood swings. Is this due to the diet coke?? Also i drank… Continue reading

Why Is Diet Coke So Addicting?

Question by Sands: Why is Diet Coke so addicting?

Best answer:

Answer by jamine j
i dunno, but its unhealthy.

Answer by California_Girl
diet coke isn’t addicting well 2 me it isn’t
i hate it it tastes gross!!!!!!

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I Am Addicted to Cocaine and Don’t Know What to Do?

Question by Russian Boy: I am addicted to cocaine and don’t know what to do?
I tried it two years ago…. Then did it maybe once every few months socially then moved out on my own with a roommate and started doing it on weekends then more and… Continue reading

Can I Help Her Beat Her Addiction?

Question by : Can i help her beat her addiction?
My girlfriend Brooke is addicted to drugs. Her drugs of choice are marijuana cocaine and her favorite heroin. She was released from jail Sunday after a year for possession of these drugs. I promised her i would help… Continue reading

'Shameless' Star Emmy Rossum on Her Emmy-Worthy Episode, Organ

'Shameless' Star Emmy Rossum on Her Emmy-Worthy Episode, Organ
She lands a real job, whereupon she begins dating the boss (Mike) and promptly begins cheating on him with his drug addict brother, Robby. A mess morphs something worse when Fiona's three-year old-brother Liam gets into the cocaine that Robby… Continue reading

Why Do Cocaine Users Abuse This Drug Along With Beer?

Question by ksolis5: Why do cocaine users abuse this drug along with beer?
I saw this girl who is always using cocaine. It’s like she can’t live without it. I see her drinking alot of beer along with using cocaine. What is the purpose of… Continue reading

Coke Addict

Coke Addict — Wild monkey on Elephanta Island (India) steals a Diet Coke.

Theatre review
Research dermatologist Alan (Tom McGovern) and Daisy's off-stage daughter (a lesbian and recovering coke addict) both suffer because of Dorian's self-willed narcissism while Dolores seems lost, or at least prone to losing things: jobs, men… Continue reading

Coke Zero Addict! Day 191!

Coke Zero Addict! Day 191! — Coke Zero Addict! Day 191! Australian Girl Addicted to Coke (Zero) MAIN CHANNEL: Links- Haley and Morgan explore the possible reasons behind their newfound a…

How Athletes Strategically Use Caffeine
Piampiano is not a caffeine addict. She has maybe two cups of coffee in… Continue reading

My Mom Is a Coke Addict?

Question by Black and Gold: My Mom is a coke addict?
My mom is addicted to Diet Coke with Splenda and she won’t stop drinking it. She goes through about 6 a day. Everytime I try to talk to her about it she tells me to just… Continue reading

Maher, Chris Hayes, and Joy Behar Trash GOP: They Have ‘Coke Addict’s Obsession’ With Obamacare

Maher, Chris Hayes, and Joy Behar Trash GOP: They Have ‘Coke Addict’s Obsession’ With Obamacare — Bill Maher opened the panel discussion on his show Friday piling on Republicans for how far they are willing to go to defund Obamacare. David Frum, who other…

Coronation Street bosses warn Michael Le… Continue reading