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Sucrose and Fructose – More Addictive Than Cocaine

Sucrose and Fructose – more addictive than cocaine — Presented by Professor Ian Macdonald, the University of Nottingham, at the Food Addiction Symposium 7 October 2013.

Police to take old drugs
According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, twice as many Americans—around 6.8 million—currently abuse prescription… Continue reading

James Lewis of Agawam Pleads Guilty to 21 Charges From Multi-Jurisdictional

James Lewis of Agawam pleads guilty to 21 charges from multi-jurisdictional
… Lewis had been out of work and was suffering from depression. Lewis must serve two years probation after his jail term with the conditions he remain drug free with random screenings and get mental health and substance… Continue reading

Wes Bentley Interview: My Mission of Recovery After Nearly a Decade Lost to Drugs

Wes Bentley interview: My mission of recovery after nearly a decade lost to drugs
Two years later, he made the period drama The Four Feathers with Heath Ledger, by which point he was in the grip of a damaging heroin and cocaine habit – formed to “escape expectations”, he says.… Continue reading

State Expert Says Spell Fit for Trial

State expert says Spell fit for trial
He also admitted to using cocaine, opium, mushrooms and angel dust in the past. Through review of his functional ability from his younger years, Hill said he had significant difficulties as a child. The difficulties include intellectual limitations and …
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How Bad Is Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Big John Horton: How bad is crack cocaine addiction?
I’ll make this short and to the point.
I know someone who is heavily addicted to smoking crack cocaine and that’s all they do.
they spend their time hanging around crack dealers looking for something to pawn.
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Is Crack Cocaine Addictive?

Question by Arthur S: Is crack cocaine addictive?
Someone told me crack cocaine is in baking soda, so I ate some baking powder and I was high but I don’t want anymore so I don’t think it’s addictive.

Best answer:

Answer by pearl_hoff
yes very addictive but it… Continue reading

11/30/2003: Lawrence Taylor

11/30/2003: Lawrence Taylor — In 2003, football legend Lawrence Taylor revealed to Mike Wallace the depths of his drug addiction and how crack and cocaine nearly ruined his life.

Political trash-talking is nothing new, but it's getting worse
Mayor Rob Ford tells city councillors who stripped him of most powers… Continue reading

Calif. Man Charged After State Trooper Finds Heroin, Meth, Cocaine –

Calif. man charged after state trooper finds heroin, meth, cocaine –

Calif. man charged after state trooper finds heroin, meth, cocaine
Federal authorities filed a drug trafficking charge Thursday against a California man after a state trooper found bundles of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine hidden inside a… Continue reading

Cocaine Just Passing Through NZ – Police

Cocaine just passing through NZ – police
Large quantities of the addictive, Class A controlled drug are rarely found in New Zealand. Detective Inspector Virginia Le … from Mexico via Los Angeles. Peru, Colombia and Bolivia are the world's leading producers of coca, the plant used to make …
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Why Vancouver Has Crack Pipe Vending Machines

Why Vancouver Has Crack Pipe Vending Machines
Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighborhood, long hampered by poverty and substance abuse, now has vending machines that sell crack pipes for cheap. They were installed six months ago by local non-profit Portland Hotel Society. One is located at the …
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