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Study Finds Brain Changes in Young Marijuana Users

Study finds brain changes in young marijuana users
The findings, published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, come amid an increased debate about the long-term effects of marijuana, as a growing number of states legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use. Forty Boston-area young adults …
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Finance Worker Killed Ex-Girlfriend's Brother 'in Revenge for Being Dumped

Finance worker killed ex-girlfriend's brother 'in revenge for being dumped
… been drinking three bottles of wine a night. Morris also confessed to taking large doses of cocaine and had also been inhaling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. … 'He told me he had taken four or five overdoses,' said… Continue reading

How Do I Stop My Addiction to Cocaine?

Question by d9: How do I stop my addiction to cocaine?

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
dont buy any more if u dont got none u cant do none

Answer by Inspiration
im surprised you havent pawned your desktop/laptop to get cocaine.
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Treatment at Capo – Alcohol and Drug Treatment for the Executive

Treatment At Capo – Alcohol and Drug Treatment for the Executive — Capo by the Sea is an exclusive drug addiction and alcohol rehab center offering customized recovery programs using the very best techniques in addiction med…

County curbs heroin use: Increases in drug's use drives expansive prevention
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My Friend Has Been Doing Ecstasy With Other Possible Drugs (Cocaine, Weed, Pills) He Is Now in Rehab. ?

Question by Scott Roewe: My friend has been doing ecstasy with other possible drugs (cocaine, weed, pills) He is now in rehab. ?
Hi, my friend has been doing ecstasy combined with other drugs, (possible cocaine,weed,other pills). A couple nights ago he just started running super fast… Continue reading

Max G. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker

Max G. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker — From Wikipedia: Cocaine Anonymous (CA) is a twelve-step program for people who seek recovery from drug addiction. CA is patterned very closely after Alcoholi…

EXPOSED! Jailbird pornographer behind Britain's cocaine GAMBLING machines
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Lady Gaga Getting Engaged?

Lady Gaga getting engaged?
The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker – who was admitted for medical treatment on Tuesday (04.15.14) after suffering a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics – admits she is frustrated at having cancelled two gigs on her 'Bangerz' tour and can't wait to check …
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Sara A. – NA Speaker – 12 Step Recovery Narcotics Anonymous – Drug Addiction – Addicts Story

Sara A. – NA Speaker – 12 Step Recovery Narcotics Anonymous – Drug Addiction – Addicts story — Sara A. – Wonderful share by this special Narcotics Anonymous speaker, good stuff! The 12 Steps work! “Narcotics Anonymous (NA) describes itself as a “fellow…

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Stop Cocaine Addiction With Drug Rehab Massachusetts.

Stop cocaine addiction with drug rehab Massachusetts. — http://www.drugrehabvideo.com Looking for drug rehab outside of Massachusetts? Heroin, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drug addiction are serious. Find ful…

Pew Poll Reveals Seismic Shift In Drug Policy Attitudes
Similarly, two-thirds (67%) say the government should focus more on providing treatment for people… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Video 2.wmv

Substance Abuse Video 2.wmv — Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/. I am the mother of a 16 yr old who has been using illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine and meth for y…

Florida Woman on Crack Gives Birth Chews Through Umbilical Cord With Own
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