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How Can I Stop Cocaine Use?

Question by sebatian w: how can i stop cocaine use?
I am 25 year old male in florida i spend about $ 1,000.00 evry two weeks i need help

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First of all, you need to go to a… Continue reading

At Home Drug Detox – at Home Drug Withdrawal – Alcohol Detox

At Home Drug Detox – At Home Drug Withdrawal – Alcohol Detox — This video shows the reason why some experience more intense withdrawal symptoms while others coast through thei. This video shows the reason why some expe…

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
Generally, if you can… Continue reading

Gubernatorial Hopeful Open to Decriminalizing Drugs

Gubernatorial hopeful open to decriminalizing drugs
… create an Office of Recovery under the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and expand the number of drug courts. Avellone said it's more effective and less expensive to send someone to treatment through drug court than to send them to prison.… Continue reading

What Are the Withdrawl Symptoms From Crack ?

Question by Angela B: what are the withdrawl symptoms from crack ?

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Answer by Masta O
you have an unbelievable urge to make mouthbabies every hour and 4 mins, and your pubes grow rapidly, but instead of your natural color they’re red, firecrouch

Answer by Francis P
Crack… Continue reading

Amid Rising Heroin Use and Deaths, Police, Parents, Ex-Addicts Fight Back to

Amid rising heroin use and deaths, police, parents, ex-addicts fight back to
It didn't take long for Douglas to realize that the man, fresh out of treatment, was his second heroin overdose that day. "You just drive away and go, 'Well, here we go again,'" … It remains a… Continue reading

Heroin Across America: We're All Paying

Heroin across America: We're all paying
It remains a small part of America's drug problem; cocaine, Ecstasy, painkillers and tranquilizers are all used more, and the latest federal overdose statistics show that in 2010 the vast majority of drug overdose deaths involved pharmaceuticals, with …
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Effective Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services From Azure Acres

Effective Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services from Azure Acres — Azure Acres recovery center is a drug addiction rehab in the beautiful North Bay Area in Northern California. Our treatment center provides the outpatient, p…

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Unlike the comparison partnership, but the cocaine ended up being sold… Continue reading

Calvert Co. Sheriff's Reports

Calvert Co. Sheriff's Reports
As units arrived on the scene, the subject started running around on foot through yards, out onto and across MD 260, and into a private residential yard/driveway. The subject was still yelling and acting erratic … The subject was taken into custody …
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Shooting Unfairly Links Violence With Mental Illness — Again

Shooting Unfairly Links Violence With Mental Illness — Again
But you cannot use that to predict violence in the long term." Army officials said Thursday that Lopez had … "So many factors come to play: interpersonal relationships, difficulty in the workplace, issues at home, career issues and true mental health… Continue reading

Is There an Addictive Street Drug That Doesn’t Have Obvious Visible Side Effects?

Question by ???? [?~?? f?????~?]: Is there an addictive street drug that doesn’t have obvious visible side effects?
For example, after using meth for a long time, the user loses teeth, develops sores, etc. Is there a heavy street drug, or any type of addictive drug, that has no visible… Continue reading