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Shawn H. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker

Shawn H. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker — From Wikipedia: Cocaine Anonymous (CA) is a twelve-step program for people who seek recovery from drug addiction. CA is patterned very closely after Alcoholi…

Cohasset police crack down on heroin
Heroin distribution and abuse is the greatest drug threat in Cohasset and contributes to… Continue reading

What Are the Long Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse.?

Question by STEPHEN SCHOLES: What are the long term effects of cocaine abuse.?
i have a friend who i cannot get to stop taking cocaine no matter what i say or try. he dosnt even know what the dangers and damage long term are and i dont eater… Continue reading

New Crop of Startups Sees Green in the Pot Economy

New crop of startups sees green in the pot economy
Cannabis was originally restricted by the Canadian government in 1923, on the heels of a series of articles in Maclean's magazine asserting that marijuana addiction led to insanity and death (penned by one “Janey Canuck”). In the past 40 …… Continue reading

Analysis Confirms Growth in Heroin Trade

Analysis confirms growth in heroin trade
HUNTINGTON — A drug threat assessment compiled by Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook shows that prescription painkiller drug abuse is still high in the city, but rising in its shadow is a trend in heroin trafficking. The Huntington Police …
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Question by Robert: DID I GET HERPES FROM THIS?
Last night i shared a bong, some bottles of vodka, and some tequila, and some cocaine with a group of people. Anyways, it was dark since we were outside in this foresty area, but the guy who drank before me… Continue reading